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Google Home Mini Review: Smart Small Speaker For Your Home

By October 4, 2017 No Comments

google home mini review

The Google Home was somewhat of a success. ExpertReviews rated it 5/5, while other outlets such as TechRadarCNET and DigitalTrends rated it better than average, but not perfect.

Now, Google has just released the smaller Google Home Mini, which is comparable in size to Amazon’s Echo Dot. It’s a smart mini speaker that will cost $49. It utilizes Google Assistant and is cheaper, smaller and quieter than the Amazon Alexa.

While it’s not designed for music playing only, it still packs a decent punch. The purpose of the device is to bring Google Assistant into your home.

For example, it can help you listen to podcasts, stay up to date with the latest news and you can use it to send instructions to other Google-connected devices. This can, for example, be another speaker with Chromecast support.

We’ve already seen the images of the Google Home yesterday when Walmart accidentally made the listing for the product live. There’s going to be three different colors available, which are gray, black and red. The Google Home Mini will be released on October 19th, 2017, but you can already pre-order today.

So will be a perfect replacement for the Amazon Echo Dot? No, because it doesn’t support all of the functionalities. For instance, you can not plug in wired speakers, and it doesn’t have the same level of onboard controls like the Echo Dot has.

Google also revealed the Google Max, which is a larger high-end smart speaker.

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Google Home Mini Review
  • Overalll - 9.2/10


The Google Home Mini looks like it's going to challenge Amazon and their increasingly popular Amazon Echo Dot. Only time will show if they will both share the throne or if only one of them survives.