The Best Shark Vacuums (2021 Reviews)

If you’re in the market for a top-quality vacuum that will do the job right the first time, you’d be wise to select a Shark vacuum.


Well, they have just about everything anyone who appreciates clean flooring could want. They’re durable, made of high-quality materials, powerful, innovative, and look great!

They’re generally very simple to store, even if you don’t have a lot of extra storage space. Don’t waste your time or money paying for rental equipment, when you can spend less and have the same clean any time you’d like! We’re going to take you through our list of the best Shark vacuums to get your house in tip-top shape!

Top 5 Shark Vacuums Reviewed For 2021

Before we jump into things, take a quick look at the table we’ve created. It lists the products, and each of their defining features so you can more quickly narrow down your search for the best Shark vacuum.

VacuumWeightAt a Glance 
Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro NV356E (Editor's Pick!)13.7 lbsEasy canister lift-away, 2-in-1, dust-away hard floor attachment, anti-allergen complete seal technology, powerful, lightweight
Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV35212.5 lbsLift-away canister, 2-in-1, anti-allergen complete seal technology, powerful, lightweight, premium pet tools, brushroll shutoff
Shark Rotator Pro Lift-Away NV50115.5 lbsLift-away canister, 2-in-1, premium pet brush, anti-allergen technology, advanced swivel steering, LED headlights
Shark Ultra-Light HV3027.6 lbsUltra-lightweight, dust-away hard floor attachment, home and car detail kit, easy fingertip controls, multi-floor cleaning, dual storage options
Shark Deluxe NV4215 lbsPowerful, lightweight, never loses suction, bottom-release dirt cup, brushroll shutoff, multi-floor cleaning

Now that you have a pretty good overview of the best Shark vacuum cleaners on the market today, take a further scroll down to read more in-depth about each one you’re interested in!

Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E – Most Environmentally Friendly Product

If you’re looking for one of the best upright vacuums on the market today, then check out the Shark Navigator NV356E Lift-Away Professional cleaner.

The versatile vacuum works not only on carpet, but also on flooring such as hardwood, tile, and vinyl, so you can have the whole house clean without having to switch between supplies or machines!

While it does feature a motor of 10 amps (the more recent models often feature 12-amp motors), this doesn’t mean that it isn’t powerful.

In fact with the cyclone design and “Never Loses Suction” technology, it is efficient and skilled at cleaning up all the dirt and dust accumulated in your home! Even if you suffer from allergies, this vacuum will help rather stirring up all of the allergens that bother you in the first place.

With the HEPA filter, it will also not clog as much as your traditional filter. While it still requires cleaning, it requires it much less than the others, making it more efficient, as well. Featuring a dust cup, it is also much more environmentally friendly, while also saving you money, as you just have to empty it, rather than changing filters.

If you have a home with a lot of tight, hard-to-reach areas, or perhaps plan on cleaning your car out with your new vacuum, then you’ll love the easy lift-away canister! It easily detaches from the rest of the body, and at only 7.5 pounds, it’s very portable and easy to carry around.

As the cord is 30 feet long, you can travel easily to most places around the house without needing to unplug it and re-plug it constantly. The vacuum also comes with microfiber pads with a dust-away attachment, which make cleaning bare floors easier than ever.

The crevice tool is amazing for in-between couch cushions and under furniture, while the pet power brush helps get rid of the elusive pet hair that easily covers every surface of your home!

We did find that the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum is a little top heavy, however, everything else is seamless and listed at a great price for those on a budget, as well.

What We Loved

  • Great for those with allergies
  • 2-in-1 lift-away canister vacuum is versatile and easy to lift
  • Efficient and effective at cleaning pet hair, dirt, and dust

What We Didn’t Like

  • Can be a little top heavy for some

Shark Navigator Lift Away – Easiest Product to Navigate

If you’re looking for an even less expensive version than the Professional model but still want the same high-quality upright vacuum with a detachable canister, then check out the Lift-Away NV352! The vacuum comes with an impressive suction power that will get rid of the dust and dirt, while also being able to adjust the level.

Conveniently located on the handle, you can easily open or close the valve to get the power to your liking.

For some consumers, they didn’t like the fact that they had to give extra effort for it to be at a high enough level for their personal standards.

Just like the Professional model, the filtration is HEPA, and if cleaned every few months, it will be much more efficient than the typical filters you see in today’s market. If you’re worried about getting under and around furniture without marring the edges, then you’ll love how easily you can steer and maneuver this machine!

At 12 pounds, it is really light and easy to carry up the stairs or maneuver around the house without feeling weak or cheap.

If you’re looking for a carpet cleaner to clean various types of flooring equally well, then you will be happy with this best upright carpet cleaner, however, it does not handle high-pile rugs as well as some of the other Shark vacuums, due to the lack of a carpet height adjustment.

Another potential downside we found to this carpet cleaner, was that the power cord is only 24 feet long, which can be a hindrance when cleaning larger spaces without having to unplug all of the time.

With two crevice tools, an upholstery brush, and a powerful pet brush, however, you can definitely clean all of the hard-to-reach areas and get rid of pesky pet hair on furniture.

What We Loved

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Cleans all kinds of surfaces
  • Very quiet
  • Made of durable, high-quality materials

What We Didn’t Like

  • No height adjustment for roller

Shark Rotator Pro Lift Away NV501 – Product with Best Suction

Another solid option if you’re looking for a product with incredible suction, is the Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away NV501.

You may have noticed that the Navigator and the Rotator are pretty similar to one another, so we’re going to distinguish between the two so you can have a better understanding when it comes to purchasing.

First of all both the Navigator and the Rotator are much quieter than just about any vacuum cleaner on the market, they both feature HEPA filters, as well as have high-powered suction that works well on both carpet and bare flooring.

The same extra tools come along with each, and they both feature an outstanding 5-year limited warranty! However, there are some differences. First, the Rotator is somewhat more expensive, however, there are reasons why.

With the Rotator, you have the ability to thoroughly clean the inside of your vehicle, which can definitely save you money from not having to get your car detailed, anymore.

It also comes with LED headlights, which are bright and illuminate dimly-light areas, such as under furniture.

Although it’s not really heavier than the Navigator, it is definitely not as easy to maneuver around tight or difficult areas, such as around furniture. However, the Navigator is created mainly to do this, so we forgive the Rotator in this aspect.

Aside from that, the Rotator is very durable, and wonderful, with various kinds of flooring, very quiet, and very powerful.

What We Loved

  • Relatively lightweight, and very durable
  • Features LED headlights that illuminate under furniture and dim lighting
  • Great suction works on carpet and bare flooring

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not as easy to maneuver as some other options

Shark Rocket Ultra Light (HV302) – Most Lightweight Product

The Shark Rocket is a unique machine listed as one of the best rated vacuum cleaners on the market today, for its weight (or lack thereof) and powerful suction.

While it may not come with all the bells-and-whistles that other products on our list do, it is simple, to-the-point, and very functional.

The vacuum cleaner weighs in at an impressive 7.6 pounds, which is perfect for those who have a large space to clean, will be carrying their vacuum up the stairs, or may not have the strength to push a regular vacuum around.

Despite being so lightweight, the suction easily cleans up any messes you may have with your flooring. It does feature a 6-amp motor, which is noticeably less powerful than our previous couple products, but the power of the suction makes up for that in most scenarios.

While it does work technically on all kinds of flooring, it isn’t the greatest with bare floors, so you may want to reconsider this as your new vacuum cleaner if you have all or mainly bare flooring. If you need to, you can turn off the two-speed brush roll which can actually cause some of these issues.

The 30-foot power cord gives you some more capabilities than you’d have with perhaps the vacuum you currently own, and the extra tools (dusting brush, two crevice tools, and a pet brush) make sure to reach any tight spots you may be neglecting, as well as help with removing pet hair.

What We Loved

  • Super lightweight product makes maneuvering a breeze
  • 30-foot power cord increases range
  • Cleans easily under furniture

What We Didn’t Like

  • Isn’t the greatest option with bare flooring

Shark Navigator Deluxe – Best Product for Allergies

Last, but definitely not least on our list, is the Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42. We know we already have another Navigator on here, but they’re both great and different in so many ways, that we had to include them both.

This bagless upright is arguably the best Shark vacuum for pet hair, and for allergies, which sometimes coincide. If you find yourself cleaning and cleaning while still finding yourself suffering from allergens lingering around your home, then keep on reading!

This upright vacuum comes in a variety of attractive and sleek colors, making it a bit more fun to use. While it only has 10-amp power, the power is still considerable for the vast majority of homeowners.

If you have a home with carpet and/or bare flooring, then this particular model will do wonders; the suction works wonders on just about any kind of flooring and outperforms almost every other vacuum on the market in this regard.

The brushroll can be turned off so that you can easily and effectively transition between different floor types. It may be a bit more difficult to maneuver on carpet, but it still cleans well. Overall, the upright Shark vacuum does a great job, and comes at a pretty reasonable price!

What We Loved

  • Works on all floor types
  • Great for pet hair and those with allergies
  • High suction power
  • Attractive style/design

What We Didn’t Like

  • Can be a bit more difficult to maneuver on carpet

How To Pick The Right Shark Vacuum

So, we’ve listed the best Shark vacuums above, which should undoubtedly help you with your search. However, finding a vacuum isn’t just as easy as reading through a list. We’ve created a guide below to help you every step of the way, regardless of which Shark vacuum you’re looking at. It’s always smart to do your homework before making a purchase that you’ll be using regularly, like a vacuum cleaner. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands, and we’ll make sure you select the perfect product for you!


The first factor on our list is the price, as most of us have a certain budget in mind when selecting a product. It’s important to have a solid price in mind, as they vary widely once you get online, and could end up spending more than you had originally intended. However, it’s not always about getting the least expensive item. With something as valuable as a Shark vacuum, you’re going to want to aim for the most expensive one you can afford or the one with as many of the features as you want to be included with it. Price doesn’t always equal quality, and you may find some features included in the product that you don’t want or need, so make sure you’re getting only what you need as extras can cost more.


Many shoppers out there aren’t aware that there so many different types of vacuums out there, but once you’re aware, you can narrow your options down by quite a bit. The options are upright, cylinder, handheld, and stick. Upright vacuums are typically the “norm” when shopping for a Shark vacuum cleaner. With uprights, suction power and a rotating brush work together to get rid of deep grime and dirt. The brush works to loosen up the dirt and dust, and the suction gets rid of it effectively.

Upright models can also have less wattage and still work just as effectively as those with a higher wattage because dirt has to travel a shorter distance. If you’re looking to clean carpeted areas where there is a lot of heavy traffic, then the upright may be the best option for you.

However, keep in mind that this model is also the heaviest (generally speaking), so take into consideration the weight of the particular model you have your eyes on. Despite the weight, it’s the most efficient option if you have a large space you need to clean. If you’re searching for a vacuum with a compact and lightweight design, then check out the cylinder vacs. These ones are particularly skilled with those hard-to-reach areas like under furniture and in tight corners and are great for upholstery. The flexibility makes it particularly versatile, and generally rely just on suction power alone to get rid of grime and come with a higher wattage than the upright models.

They do well with cleaning both carpet and bare flooring, however, storage can be tricky due to the long hose; they can even take up more storage than an upright vacuum! The handheld vacuums are generally just used as an extra supplemental machine, rather than the sole cleaner.

Think of it kind of as a detailer. These are great for upholstery, automobile interiors, and tight spaces. Similar to the handheld, the stick vacuums should be used as a secondary device, rather than the sole cleaner for your home. They weight about half the weight as a normal upright machine, which makes them easy to operate and maneuver.

They are bag-less and cordless, making them quite versatile and great for areas with stairs. See this video below, which is about Shark vacuums:


Filters are critical to the functionality of the best-rated vacuum cleaners. When you suck up grime, it is initially filtered, then pushed back into the room through the exhaust. This means that the better the filter is at getting rid of allergens, the cleaner the air in your home will be. Vacuums generally have filters between 2 and 7-stage filters. If you or someone else in your home are sensitive to allergens, then it’s definitely worth it to get a vacuum with S-Class filtration/HEPA filters which reduce the appearance of allergens in your home. If you have kids or pets, look for a filter that includes active charcoal, as it works effectively at absorbing undesirable odors.


The choice here is completely up to you; a bag-less vacuum works to trap all of the dust and dirt inside, saving you from having to keep purchasing new bags and taking the time to change them out. While cleaning out the dust canister can take a while, too, it is great for the environment to not be buying extra bags, and is also better on your wallet. However, if you suffer from allergies, direct contact with the dirt and dust may not be the best idea.


If you are looking for more liberation because you need to clean a large area or take your vacuum cleaner up the stairs, then it may be worth it to check out cordless designs These are battery-powered, so while they are more convenient, they are notably less powerful, and charging can take a while considering the length of time they run off of a full battery for. If you just need some light cleaning done, or are just looking for a supplemental device, a cordless vacuum could really benefit you.


Make sure to find the appropriate best Shark vacuum model for the type of flooring you have in your home. All of the vacuums we have listed here work on various floor types, but they’re not always equally as efficient. It’s best to select one where you can change the height, as it will work better on various floor types.


These are particularly useful if you need something to get under furniture, in tight corners, clean upholstery, get rid of pet hair, etcetera. Most come equipped with various detachable tools and parts that can help, but it’s important to focus just on the ones you’re going to need, as extras will cost you more.


It’s true that everyone has different requirements and preferences when it comes to selecting a vacuum cleaner that’s right for cleaning their home. That’s why we have selected the items we have here, today. They present versatile, yet high-quality options to suit everyone’s needs.

However, if we had to select just one product today that we feel is the best of them all, we’d choose the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional model. Not only is it great for those with allergies, but it is perfect for cleaning up pet hair off of carpet and upholstery, with the extra tools that are included.

The 2-in-1 design makes it one of the most versatile products on our list and on the market today. If you need something more lightweight to take around the house, but still need a heavy-duty design to take care of the rougher parts, then this should be one of the best-rated vacuum cleaners to have your eye on.

Even if that one is not for you, we know that one of them will be!

Thanks for joining us, and enjoy your new Shark vacuum.

Justin Howe

Electrician and DIY specialist Justin deleted his own successful tech blog to write expert product reviews and buying guides together with his friend Robert.

Justin Howe

Electrician and DIY specialist Justin deleted his own successful tech blog to write expert product reviews and buying guides together with his friend Robert.