The Best Himalayan Salt Lamps (2021 Reviews)

You may have recently noticed there are some orange rock-looking things making their way into your friends’ homes. Sure, they look pretty cool, but what do they do?

Well, those orange, rocky crystals are actually Himalayan salts which are native to Pakistan. They are known to benefit people in a variety of ways, as well as make our homes a more pleasant place to spend time.

With a quick internet search, you’ll find that there are a wide variety of designs and brands.

So, which one should you pick?

Well, leave that up to us. We’ve done the in-depth research to provide you with only the best Himalayan salt lamps out there!

Top 5 Himalayan Salt Lamps For 2022

LampPowerAt a Glance 
Himalayan Glow 10026-foot power cordLow-maintenance design, stylish, hand-carved design, UL-approved system, dimmer switch, emits negative ions which fight EM radiation
Levoit Elora6.6-foot power cord18/8 stainless steel base, improved drainage control, dimmable switch, RoHS, CE, and FCC-certified 100% Himalayan salt crystal
Crystal Décor Natural in Star Design Metal Basket6-foot cordNatural Himalayan salts, neutralizes bad odor, stylish metallic cage, UL-certified cord, compact design great for small spaces
Crystal Allies Gallery: Vase LampPower cordUnique customizable design, 100%natural, hand-cut salt chunks, pretty basket design, multipurpose
Mineralamp Natural Himalayan CarvedPower cordSturdy Indian Rosewood base, adjustable dimmer switch, space-saving design, 100% natural Himalayan salt crystals, portable design

Now that you have a pretty good understanding of which designs are the best on the market today, it’s best to scroll down a bit further and read in-depth about each object you’re interested in, to make an educated decision!

Himalayan Glow 1002 – Most Durable Product

Are you looking for where to buy Himalayan salt lamps? Did you know that there are tons of Himalayan salt lamps Amazon has to offer? Actually, some of the best.

Are you looking to improve the air quality in your home? Perhaps you or someone who lives with you have allergies or asthma? Sure, you could go with an expensive air conditioning system or use dehumidifiers, but wouldn’t you rather spend less money on something more portable?

Take a look at the Himalayan Glow 1002:

Eliminating undesirable odors and allergens are what they’re great at! Give your lungs a break and allow yourself to relax knowing your air is being cleaned actively with your new lamp.

So, how does it do it?

Well, the negative ions it gives off actually works to fight that which causes bad odors and allergens which can affect our health.

The pink salt lamp is made from salt crystals from the Himalayan mountains. When unlit, the rough-hewn, irregular surface truly looks pink, however, you can always alter the color to give a different mood to the lighting.

Want to use it at bedtime?

Simply take advantage of the new, ETL-certified, fire-safe, heat-resistant dimmer. The 6-foot power cord, dimmable rotary switch, and 25W light bulb are all included, as well.

The lamp itself sits on top of a neem wooden base, which makes it not only functional but quite fashionable. It looks wonderful on any bedside table, desk, or an accent for your meditation and yoga space.

This low-maintenance Himalayan salt lamp comes already assembled, so you simply need to plug it in!
Now, we will say that we had some issues with the dimmer switch, and it didn’t always dim the way we liked it to. We found that some other consumers reported similar behavior from their lamp, as well. Regardless, it’s overall one of the best salt lamps out there!

What We Liked

  • Looks beautiful, rugged, great for any room
  • Very low-maintenance; comes already-assembled
  • Improves the air quality by canceling out negative ions
  • Pretty neem wood base

What We Didn’t Like

  • Faulty dimmer switch

Levoit Elora – Product with Best Drainage Control

The certified Himalayan salt lamp – the Elora from Levoit, is one of the best out there today.

So many people worry about salt lamp dangers, but thankfully, there are still some high-quality lamps like this one out there that are perfectly safe and beneficial to use!

If you have an allergen sensitivity or issues sleeping like you should, the Levoit Elora will help you out. Much like the others, the natural negative ions work to combat airborne germs, bad odors, and much more!

Certified by the FCC, CE, and RoHS, the salt lamp is perfectly safe for day-to-day use, and the low-wattage bulb makes sure that you’re not consuming too much power by having it on.

The stainless steel 18/8 basket is what will hold the salt crystals in place. Let’s be real, it’s super trendy, looks nice in just about any room or space, is durable, and features a patented design to control drainage like never before.

The salt crystals are all hand-picked to make sure you receive the crystals of only the best color, shape, and clarity to receive the perfect amber glow.

The lighting is controlled by touch and features a touch-controlled dimmer switch to quickly adjust the brightness.

What We Liked

  • Features unique patented design with stainless steel base drainage system
  • Attractive, hand-picked crystals for supreme glow, color, and clarity
  • Betters the air quality, combatting odors and allergens
  • Touch-controlled dimmer switch to adjust brightness

What We Didn’t Like

  • Removing and changing the lamp is a tedious job

Crystal Décor Natural – Prettiest Product

Regardless of what you’re purchasing your salt lamp for, chances are the first thing that caught your attention was the unique, attractive design of the product, itself.

The eye-catching metallic cage holds the beautiful crystals, truly helping to make a positive statement in more ways than one in your home. It makes a beautiful addition to any room, yoga space, or work desk, too!

So many lamps out there that are sold as Himalayan salt lamps are, unfortunately, imposters. This makes it more difficult for legitimate companies to sell their pure product. What we loved about this lamp was that it is actually made up of natural Himalayan salts (aside from the cage, of course).

This real Himalayan salt lamp comes in a 5x5x5-inch design, so if you have a small apartment or space to place it in, this one is nice and compact yet stylish. The soothing color works to help you relax, whether at your desk, during a meditation session, or after a long day of errands and work!

In addition, if you aren’t pleased for whatever reason, they offer a plentiful, 90-day money-back guarantee, so you can safely try out this lamp without worrying about losing anything.

The one thing that we weren’t fans of, is that the metallic basket as a bit of an “off” scent about it; it may be a type of chemical or paint used on the basket. It’s an almost caustic, smoky scent. We also noticed that it didn’t go away, so really keep that in mind.

What We Liked

  • Compact, beautiful design
  • Real Himalayan salt crystals
  • 90-day money back guarantee

What We Didn’t Like

  • The cage smells caustic and does not go away

Crystal Allies Gallery: Mesh Basket Vase Lamp – Most Customizable Product

The Himalayan rock salt lamp from Crystal Allies Gallery is one of our favorites, for a variety of reasons. One is that It’s totally customizable, which was the only one like it that we found on the market for the best salt lamps for sale.

The package comes with one natural Himalayan salt wire mesh basket vase lamp, along with a power cord, a light bulb, and an authentic Crystal Allies info card to certify that it’s actually legitimate.

How authentic is it?

It’s 100%, all-natural, and each salt chunk is mined solely from all-natural, reliable sources. There are so many out there that are sold saying they’re authentic but are actually just made with a ton of unnatural chemicals and potentially dangerous materials. Each product comes with an authentic Crystal Allies certified user pamphlet.

So, what about the actual salt?

Well, most lamps you’ll find will come in the form of one solid crystal, which is no doubt beautiful, but not very customizable. There’s really no way to personalize it. These ones come with various hand-cut salt pieces, so you can arrange them any way you like.

Remove some, add some – it’s all up to you and your preferences!

Much like the other lamps, they’re great to use on a bedside table as a kind of bedtime light to set a calm ambiance, perfect for relaxing and getting ready to doze off. You can also use them as a decorative lamp, or something to help set the mood for a meditation or yoga session. The warm, soothing glow will add character to any setting.

To further add to the customization, the salt lamp also features a handy dimmer switch, so you’re not just stuck with an “on or off” setting. You can dim it to whatever environment you’ll be using it in. They’re nice and gentle on your eyes and also help with improving the air quality. If you have allergies, this Himalayan salt lamp will help relieve some of the stress your body is under.

What We Liked

  • Fully customizable with individual salt chunks to add and remove at your desire
  • Dimmer can be changed to your liking
  • 100% all-natural product with a beautiful mesh vase lamp

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not quite as portable, due to the individual chunks

Mineralamp Natural Himalayan Carved – Editor’s Pick

The Mineralamp Natural Himalayan Hand Carved Salt Lamp was our editor’s favorite but is also the most portable salt lamp that we found out there.

If you or someone else who lives in your home suffers from respiratory issues, or you are getting annoyed by an off odor in your home, then this salt lamp can definitely help you out there!

Something that really drew us into this lamp, was the fact that it’s 100% all-natural, unlike so many other products out there. They’re high-quality and will actually work to improve the air quality in your home, so you can come home and relax in a healthy environment.

Now, while this isn’t completely out of the ordinary, it isn’t all that common to find a legitimately all-natural salt lamp that is priced so low. If you’re looking for a high-quality product on a tight budget, we highly suggest taking a look at Mineralamp’s product.

While it is quite affordable, you’ll receive a UL-certified product that helps in a variety of ways. It’s safe for indoor use, as it features a tip-proof design, which greatly reduces the risk of a fire hazard. The 6-foot cable and 15-watt bulb included in the package will last you a while, so don’t worry about replacing it right away.

Now, how is it in terms of portability?

Well, it’s one of the lightest we found, weighing in at 8-11 pounds, so if you’d like, you can simply pack it along for the ride if you travel a lot. The compact design is 7.5-10 inches, so you can easily fit it on a desk, bedside table, or what have you, without worrying about cluttering space.

The stable, hand-carved design is long-lasting and features a beautiful, authentic rosewood base to further increase the eye appeal. The adjustable dimmer switch allows you to use your lamp how you want, ensuring it’s neither too bright nor too low.

The only thing that we found a bit displeasing, was that the low-watt bulb wasn’t ideal for every user. However, this also makes it longer-lasting, so really, that’s just personal preference!

What We Liked

  • Durable, long-lasting, 100% authentic materials
  • Comes with dimmer switch to use at your discretion
  • Compact, lightweight design great for traveling
  • Beautiful, clear crystal and rosewood base looks great anywhere

What We Didn’t Like

  • Low-watt bulb isn’t ideal for everyone

Picking The Best Himalayan Salt Lamp For You

Himalayan salt lamps provide an array of benefits for those who incorporate them into their home. However, there are many subpar and downright unacceptable products out there that are often masked as authentic ones. Take a look at our buying guide to ensure you’re purchasing the best Himalayan salt lamp for you and/or your loved ones!


As you can see from the above descriptions, not every salt is of the same quality. With the advent of technology, many companies have discovered methods to produce products that may look authentic online or in stores, but are actually fakes. Before buying any product, with that being said, you must look into the level of quality of the salt crystals.

Not only that but make sure to do a quick look through the reviews of other users. If a large number of users are complaining about the level of quality, that’s something to look out for and avoid.


You may have heard of the dangers of Himalayan salt lamps, but perhaps you haven’t. As with just about any lamp, there is some amount of danger associated, as they can tip over. Take into consideration if your lamp has a good electrical system, as you never want something that can short-circuit, or cause some kind of significant fire hazard in your home.

With that being said, ensure your salt lamp is very solid and sturdy so that there isn’t a chance of it tipping over. In addition, it’s always nice to look for a product which is CE and/or RoHS-certified, as they have to adhere to a certain level of safety to receive these certifications.

Ease of Operation

What good is a salt lamp if it’s only going to cause you more stress? They’re designed to help you lead a calmer, more stress-free life, right? Look for a model that’s easy for you to operate and easy to maintain. Some bulbs, for example, are overly complicated and require removing screws, replacing them, and whatnot just to replace a bulb. That’s too much work for something that could be so simple.


Now, you could have raving reviews on how the lamp operates, has great safety standards, but if It doesn’t look appealing to you or doesn’t work with the environment you want to use it in, then none of that matters much, does it?

Make sure your model is first safe and authentic, and after that, make sure the crystals are the best of the best, and the fittings like the vases or baskets are also high-quality and are visually appealing to you.


We thoroughly enjoyed each one of the salt lamps on our guide, however, there was one that really stood out to us, and that was the Mineralamp Natural Himalayan Hand Carved Salt Lamp.

First of all, it works well to take care of unwanted odors and allergens in the home, relieving some of the symptoms of asthma/allergy sufferers. Not only that, but it’s 100% authentic, and produce a beautiful, smooth glow sure to calm anyone in its vicinity.

It’s also one of the most budget-friendly items on the market today and is even more alluring considering what a high-quality product it is at such a great price.

It’s a safe product to use and is UL-certified, so you don’t have to worry about it tipping over while you’re sleeping or doing yoga. The design is not only portable, but also quite compact, so you can travel with it if you’d like, and can place it in your office or bedroom without worrying about cluttering space.

So, which was the best Himalayan salt lamp in your opinion?

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Justin Howe

Electrician and DIY specialist Justin deleted his own successful tech blog to write expert product reviews and buying guides together with his friend Robert.

Justin Howe

Electrician and DIY specialist Justin deleted his own successful tech blog to write expert product reviews and buying guides together with his friend Robert.