Who We Are

I still remember the day I was handed the key to my first apartment, an old loft with brown carpet and eggshell walls. I was determined to turn it into a high-tech, top-notch Bachelor pad and began thoroughly researching everything from water filters to chef knives. I collected my results in excel sheets, comparing the functionality, quality, and pricing of every product I found online, to make sure I purchase the best products for the best price.

The spreadsheets may be gone now and I moved out of my old pad, but my passion for finding the absolute best of everything remained. So naturally, it was only a matter of time before I began sharing my research online. That’s how I founded HomeReviewster.

What We Do

HomeReviewster is a website for everyone interested in smart technology and the latest trends and gadgets that will turn your house into a smarter, better, and more functional home. From robot mops to 3D printers, our team spends weeks taking apart the most exciting new home products to help YOU find what best suits your needs.


Our website runs on the small commissions we receive if you make a purchase through one of our affiliate links. The money you spend will be directly responsible for helping us maintain this website and continue to offer you fresh, thoroughly-researched, and most-importantly authentic product recommendations.

Robert Coleman


Robert is a tech junkie and furniture store owner from Tucson, Arizona. He founded HomeReviewster in late 2017 to spread his knowledge and passion about smart home gadgets.

When he’s not following his ILIFE robot vacuum around the house, he can be found refinishing second-hand furniture he buys online and taking road trips to escape the Arizona heat.

Robert also operates MyTechReviewer, where he searches for the best tech products on the market.

Justin Howe


Justin is an electrician and homeowner from Flagstaff, Arizona. He’s a huge DIY specialist and has recently built his own swamp cooler for less than $40. Before he started writing for HomeReviewster, he had a successful tech blog, where he shared DIY technology hacks and product reviews.

Justin also writes for MyTechReviewer, a site dedicated to tech enthusiasts.